During your free in-home or in-office consultation, a dedicated coordinator will sit down with you to discuss your needs and the variety of services Sashay Life Transitions can provide, as well as other support services available in your community.

Together, we’ll create a plan that can include as many or as few of our services as your needs dictate. Please select the tab below that most closely describes your situation.

Services for Seniors

As members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, Sashay Life Transitions adheres to the highest standards of service. We’re committed to easing the transition from one home to another or ensuring seniors can “age in place” safely and comfortably.

There is so much that goes into making a new apartment, house, or any space feel like home. You want to feel safe and secure, and for your surroundings to feel organized and familiar. Sashay Life Transitions can help make your start in a new home as successful as the move itself.

Senior services include:

  • Helping with decisions about what to keep, give away, sell, or discard
  • Packing items–including antiques, electronics, and valuables
  • Supervising your preferred professional moving company the day of move
  • Setting up your new home based on your safety and personal needs
Services for Homeowners

Whether you need help organizing an existing home, relocating to a new home, or preparing a property for sale or rent, Sashay Life Transitions is dedicated to helping individuals and families asses their space, belongings, and goals.

We want to help you get organized and find the balance and freedom that come with having everything in its proper place. Our services can help take the stress out of your current situation or help make your move a predictable and worry-free experience.

Homeowner services include:

  • Downsizing, decluttering, and organizing your home
  • Preparing and/or staging a home for sale or rent
  • Packing items, supervising your moving company, and setting up a new home
  • Donating, auctioning, and consigning unwanted items
Services for Businesses & Executives

Moving a personal or corporate office comes with unique challenges. At Sashay Life Transitions, we provide the flexibility, professionalism, and high level of service your move demands.

We understand that there must be a balance between the needs of the business and its staff.Whether you’re moving one employee or a hundred, we have the experience, coordination, and focus necessary to manage the complexities of a work-related move and ensure the transition is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Business services include:

  • Acting as the single point of contact from breakdown to setup
  • Systematically labeling items to ensure a smooth move from origin to destination
  • Coordinating with moving companies to oversee the proper transfer of items
  • Unpacking items and setting up your new space
Services for Hoarding Situations

Sashay Life Transitions specializes in helping individuals and families create the physical and emotional space needed to enjoy what’s most precious.

We understand that the possessions in your home hold valuable meaning for you. We bring professionalism, compassion, and understanding to every transition, and we are committed to honoring your privacy and respecting your personal needs. Our goal is to create a space that you can be proud of and, more importantly, one where you are safe.

Hoarding services include:

  • Helping with decisions about what to keep, give away, sell, or discard
  • Coordinating the distribution of items for sale, donation, or disposal
  • Packing, cleaning, and organizing your home
  • Creating treatment plans with referrals to supportive professionals or organizations