At Sashay Life Transitions, we specialize in providing seniors and their loved ones with customized, hands-on solutions that help make organizing or moving a smooth and comfortable experience. Whether you need help with downsizing, decluttering, packing, dispersing items, or even setting up a new home, our staff brings compassion and enthusiasm to every project.

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Sorting and organizing possessions can be an enjoyable process that ends with less clutter and more time for the things that really matter.


New Home SetUp:

When your personal and safety needs are met, when your furniture is where you want it, and you're all unpacked and decorated, a new space can truly feel like home.

Move Management:

A successful move isn't just one where your belongings arrive safely. It's one where you feel calm and in control through the entire process.

Disposal & Dispersal:

We'll help make sure your unwanted items are dispersed responsibly and profitably, whether they're given to family, recycled, sold, auctioned, or donated.

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