Our mission at Sashay Life Transitions Inc. is to help people and businesses sail through the challenges of downsizing or moving. We come from extensive organization, relocation, and operations backgrounds. And we aim to bring support and great care to every transition we’re lucky to be a part of.

Our goal is to make sure that every project is successful and that every client we work with feels confident and comfortable every step of the way.

If you need help decluttering or downsizing, moving to a new home or office, or relocating a business, Sashay Life Transitions can offer the services and guidance you need to do so with peace of mind.


Sashay Life Transitions, Inc. was established by Ashlee Fields and Shayla Reid-Bokuniewicz.


Ashlee Fields draws her experience from a previous organizing and interior design business, where she prided herself on meticulous attention to detail and excellent customer service.
Prior to that, Ashlee honed her organizational skills by helping manage a prominent retail banking center. Walking into any situation, seeing what needs to be done, and crafting a game plan is not only what she does, it’s what she loves to do.

Outside of Sashay Life Transitions, Ashlee shares her time and experience with many faith-based organizations. Through these groups, Ashlee has befriended many senior citizens, and it is these treasured relationships that helped Ashlee gain a deeper understanding of seniors’ needs. She was inspired to start a business where she could put her passions to use helping seniors and families navigate through the process of downsizing, decorating, and moving.


Shayla Reid-Bokuniewicz holds a B.S. in Human Services and Counseling Psychology and a Master’s in Education from Leslie University. Her professional career has included teaching, counseling, and program management, as well as assisting adults and seniors with building life skills such as job readiness, independence, and self-care.
Shayla was always drawn to the strength, independence, and outspokenness of her grandmother, whose later-life difficulties fueled Shayla’s desire to learn more about the challenges people face and the services available to support them.

Shayla has transformed her dedication to supporting and encouraging her grandmother into the opportunity to help others in similar situations.